Linkert M41(L) Carburator

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This is a fully functional REPLICA linkert carburator,  built by Samwel Supplies to match Linkert M41 spec.

Use the selector to choose between the M41 and M41L that we have available ( they are stamped accordingly in original font).

It features a 3 line brass casting that would be correct for M88 and M51 carbs.  We could for the limited quantities of early castings that are required not get separate moldings made, so this is the closest thing to the real deal you can get at the moment.

These carburators have been tested on both 45 and bigtwin sidevalves ( in M51 configuration) and work out of the box. The only real difference for M41 , besided the number,  is the chokelever,  all other parts are equal. The cherry on the cake here is that we took some time to actually plate all bits and pieces in old look nickel.

The particular units for sale here ( we have 3 at time of posting this item) are made exactly after an original 1937 M41 casting.  That means we have nickel plated all the bits that were originally plated too. Instead of bright new nickel plating we chose to make these carbs look old and aged.  This is a LIMITED one time only production run of 3 pieces.



  • Short lever for Iron heads
  • Thumblever style choke
  • No drain bowl
  • Nitrophyle (rubber ducky style) float. Tested for gasoline resistance, does not sink or swell, ever.
  • 1-1/16 venturi, externally vented on M41
  • 1-1/8 venturi, externally vented on M41L
  • All nickel plated hardware as per original.


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M41, M41L